General Conditions - Parking Friend Terms of Service

1. Type and form of contract

1.1. The Client mandates Minervadea SA (“Parking Friend”) to take possession of his vehicle to park it in a private area chosen by Parking Friend and to return it to him later at a time and place specified at the time of reservation, according to the tariffs applicable by Parking Friend.

1.2. The Contract between Parking Friend and the Client comes into force at the time of reservation and ends when the keys of the vehicle are returned to the Client by Parking Friend.

1.3. These terms and conditions constitute the conditions under which Parking Friend accepts to provide its services to the Client. They apply to all cases in the relationships between the Client and Parking Friend, the reservation confirming their express acceptance by the Client.

1.4. The Client certifies that he is the owner of the vehicle (or that he is authorized by the owner to use it) and that the vehicle is in proper running condition, insured, in accordance with all applicable legal requirements and contains the registration certificate.

1.5. If the reservation is made by a third party, the latter is jointly responsible for the contractual obligations of the Client. The third party may only take precedence over the rights of the Client under the Contract if Parking Friend accepts the transfer in writing.

2. Reservation procedure

2.1. Reservations are made on the Internet on the website http://www.parking-friend.com. The Client may also reserve by e-mail or by telephone, subject to a small supplement indicated in the applicable tariff.

2.2. The reservation becomes effective when confirmed by Parking Friend by e-mail.

3. Tariff, payment methods

3.1. Applicable tariffs are indicated on www.parking-friend.com .The Client must pay by credit card at the time of reservation. Optional services will be settled by charging the credit card used for the reservation. Cash payment is not possible.

3.2. In addition to the fixed acceptance charge, the daily tariff is applicable for each day (total or partial), including the first day. Each day invoiced ends at the airport closing time (which closes generally at midnight, according to the last incoming flight).

3.3. Parking Friend retains a right of retention and may refuse the return of the vehicle should the amounts due not be fully settled (in particular in case of issue with the credit card used at the time of reservation). In such case, Parking Friend may initiate legal proceedings as per the Swiss Federal Law relating to debt recovery and bankruptcy to liquidate the vehicle (and the objects inside as the case may be).

4. Handover and return of the vehicle, delays and cancellations

4.1. The handover of the vehicle to the Parking Friend operative (recognizable by his uniform, hereafter called the Driver), takes place at the time and place agreed at the time of reservation.

4.2. The handover and return of the vehicle are carried out with an electronic tablet and on-screen signature. The Client recognizes the validity and legality of electronic documents so produced.

4.3. At the time of the handover of the vehicle, on Client’s request the Driver may detail the condition of the vehicle with the electronic tablet.

4.4. To guarantee the security of your vehicle Parking Friend reserves the right not to return it in the absence of adequate identification of the Client at the time of return.

4.5. Unless otherwise agreed, the vehicle will be returned 20 minutes after the actual landing time of the Client's flight, as confirmed by Geneva Airport. Parking Friend tracks in real time the landing times of Clients' flights.

4.6. After 15 minutes waiting time, Parking Friend will take the vehicle in charge again and park it in its private area, with costs at the Client's charge, and will await instructions.

4.7. The Client may modify without extra charge the date and time of the acceptance or return of the vehicle, up to six hours before the initial time agreed, using the http link in the e-mail reservation confirmation. The Client may also make a modification by SMS, telephone or e-mail, subject to a small fee indicated on the tariff card, which will be settled by charging the credit card used at the time of reservation. Parking Friend answers phone calls Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm nonstop.

4.8. In case of a cancellation by the Client less than twelve hours before the time agreed for the rendezvous or return, a charge equivalent to the handling fee will be debited to the Client, as well as any supplementary parking daily fees. Such additional fees shall be charged to the credit card used at the time of reservation.

4.9. The vehicle must be handed over to the Driver with windows closed, and containing no objects of value. Parking Friend assumes no responsibility as to the contents of the vehicle: any object left in the vehicle is at the sole risk of the Client.

4.10. During the handover and return of the vehicle, the Client is informed that the vehicle will cover a distance of about 20km, depending on the services required.

5. Responsibility, complaints, theft, insurance, applicable laws

5.1. As agent, Parking Friend undertakes to execute its mandate in the best interests and to the satisfaction of the Client.

5.2. Any complaint related to the condition of the vehicle must be addressed by the Client to the Driver at the moment of the return of the vehicle, before leaving the meeting point.

5.3. If the Client did not request that the condition of his vehicle be checked at the time of pick-up, or if it was impossible or difficult to check the condition for other reasons (darkness, rain, technical problems), then the Client shall not be entitled to claim that his vehicle was damaged during his absence, and irrevocably forfeits any claims against Parking Friend or its collaborators and auxiliaries.

5.4. As an agent Parking Friend is liable only for proven gross negligence, whether in case of material damage to the vehicle or to the Client, or in case of return outside the timing agreed, at the condition that the issue is duly notified to Parking Friend before the vehicle leaves the return point. Parking Friend shal not be liable for anything beyond its reasonable control (in particular natural forces or disasters, mere chance, or force majeure.

5.5. During the period the vehicle is in the care of Parking Friend, it is insured only for journeys made on behalf of the Client, for damages resulting from accidents to the vehicle. Other than this coverage, the vehicle is not insured, other than those insurances pertaining to the vehicle. In particular, during the period of time it is parked by Parking Friend the vehicle is not covered by Parking Friend insurances. It is therefore parked at the sole risk and peril of the Client (particularly in case of theft, vandalism, forces of nature, floods, etc.)

5.6. Parking Friend is authorized to return the vehicle to the person in possession of the reception confirmation email. Parking Friend therefore is not responsible in case of loss or theft of this reception confirmation email, or if this email is presented by a third party who uses it in a fraudulent manner to obtain release of the vehicle.

5.7. Relationships between the Client and Parking Friend are governed exclusively by Swiss law (excluding rules of conflicts of laws). The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Geneva.

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Parking Friend Confidentiality agreement (available here)

Minervadea SA, operator of Parking Friend, strictly respects your private life and the confidentiality of your personal data. In accordance with the Swiss Federal law for data protection, Parking Friend only uses Clients' private data to provide the services requested.

Therefore your personal data is never communicated to third parties, with the exception of course of requirements demanded by our services (for example on-line payment). Such third parties are themselves subject to legal obligations of confidentiality regarding your personal data.

Your personal data are protected in our IT systems, which are only accessible to the persons on a need-to-know basis to perform the services requested by you. To facilitate the use of the Parking friend site www.parking-friend.com, the latter identifies you with the aid of a “cookie”, a small file implanted automatically in your computer, which allows the website to recognize you during later visits to the site and which makes navigation on the site more enjoyable. You can configure your computer to refuse the implant of these cookies, but in that case the website will not function.

Your e-mail address will be used to send you reservation confirmations, as well as handover and return confirmations. We do not use your data (in particular e-mail) to send you offers from third parties or offers for our services, without your express agreement (which you can provide during your registration on the website). In this case you may at any time request to no longer receive such offers, by sending a simple e-mail to the address info@parking-friend.com.

You may contact us by e-mail at any time (info@parking-friend.com) to consult, control and rectify any personal data that we have recorded while you used our services.